The Lausanne Airway Course 2020

A common platform for the airway surgeons (otorhinolaryngologists, pediatric surgeons, thoracic surgeons, general surgeons) anesthetists and intensivists.


Conference information

The Airway Unit of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Lausanne University Hospital -CHUV, Switzerland is a specialized clinic managing complex laryngotracheal airway problems. The Lausanne Airway Team includes otolaryngology & head-neck surgeons, pediatric and adult anesthesiologists and intensivists, pediatricians, pulmonologists and special-care support staff. 

We consistently treat large number of patients referred to us from different countries for critical airway conditions. Several clinicians from all over the world visit us regularly and have benefitted from our teaching programs. 

The Lausanne Airway Course is designed to get the airway surgeons, pediatric & adult anesthetists and intensivists together on a common platform to discuss management of airway conditions like laryngomalacia, intubation injuries, laryngotracheal trauma, congenital and acquired laryngotracheal stenosis and complex airway anomalies with tracheostomies. 

The 1st edition of the course was organized in January 2016. 308 participants coming from 42 nations attended it and 88 participants performed hands-on airway surgery dissections on an animal model. The course had participation of 11 international experts - apart from the home organizing team. The 2nd edition was organized in November 2017 and was very informative as well. 

The 2020 course design will have more emphasis on hands-on dissections on an animal model (OPEN SURGERY, ENDOSCOPIC, MICROSCOPIC & LASER SURGERY). It will include specific didactic lectures in the field of compromised pediatric and adult Airway surgery, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. The course is designed to be a COMPLETE PACKAGE of all the different types of surgeries and airway sharing interventions, which one needs to master while managing these very difficult cases. 


  • Hands-on ‘laryngotracheal reconstructive surgeries’ on an animal model including - open surgery, and endo-microscopic laser interventions
  • Hands-on ‘challenging airway’ anesthesia workshop
  • Combined surgeon-anesthetist ‘airway sharing’ workshop
  • Didactic lectures of common interest to the airway surgeons, anesthetists and intensivists

Course Directors:

  • Kishore Sandu
  • Patrick Schoettker

Course Language: English

Registration fees (all payments in Swiss Francs - CHF)

A) Main conference

29 & 30.01.2020


  Main conference  
29 & 30.01.2020

Early bird (until 31.05.2019) CHF 450.-
From 1.06 to 31.10.2019 CHF 550.-
Late registration (from 1.11.2019 to on site registration)  CHF 650.-


B) Gala Dinner


The Gala Dinner will take place at the Aquatis - Europe's largest freshwater aquarium. On the 29th January 2020, you will have the opportunity to visit the Aquatis between 7pm & 8pm, enjoy an aperitif in the aquarium and later dine at its restaurant. 
Price: CHF 120.- per participant

C) Workshops


Pre-conference (Laser workshop on animal model): the participants will be able to practice various micro-endoscopic procedures using the micromanipulator and fiber driven CO2 laser (limited number of participants).



Early bird (until 31.05.2019) CHF 150.-
From 1.06 to 31.10.2019 CHF 200.-
Late registration (from 1.11.2019 to on site registration)  CLOSED

31.01.2020 (Morning)

Airway Surgeons Hands on Workshop (Open Surgery on animal model): includes practicing the various airway expansion procedures, cricotracheal & tracheal resection and anastomosis, and slide tracheoplasty procedures.

Anesthesia workshop: includes simulated difficult airway management.




Early bird (until 31.05.2019) CHF 150.- CHF 150.-
From 1.06 to 31.10.2019 CHF 200.- CHF 200.-
Late registration (from 1.11.2019 to on site registration)        CLOSED CLOSED

31.01.2020 (Afternoon)

Combined airway sharing workshop: includes difficult situations in endoscopic airway interventions stressing the importance of a collaborative team effort (limited number of participants).



Early bird (until 31.05.2019) CHF 150.- CHF 150.-
From 1.06 to 31.10.2019 CHF 200.- CHF 200.-
Late registration (from 1.11.2019 to on site registration) CLOSED CLOSED


Click here to register !

/!\ Note: special price conditions apply to persons who come from CHUV or UNIL. To benefit from it, please send a copy of your legimitation card to Olivier Mouraux at

Registration cancellation policy

Cancellation should be made by sending a written notice to

  •     Before 17th November 2019 : free of charge less an administration fee of CHF 20
  •     From 18th November to 16th December 2019 : Registration will be reimbursed less 50% for administrative fees.
  •     From 17th December 2019 : No fees will be refunded after this date

All reimbursements will be made after the conference.


Mr Olivier MOURAUX
Av. de Rhodanie 2
1001 Lausanne
+41 21 613 73 15

Mrs Sandrine Morand
+41 21 314 75 74


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